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Mini Flake - 35 Bales (19kg Bale) = 376.25

(Code: MINIFL35)
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(Sold in packs of 35)
Mini Flake - 35 Bales (19kg Bale) = £376.25
Our Mini-Flake is manufactured by triple sifting shavings to produce a small, uniform, highly absorbent, dust-free flake. The pine flake is anti-septic and will suppress the smell of ammonia The smaller flake means less waste.
This super absorbent Mini-Flake can be used on its own or mixed with Aquamax for a deeper bed.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Quality product.
Claire F.
Shopping Satisfaction
I have been using Aquamax bedding for a number of years now. Last year I tried their Miniflake and have recently taken a big delivery. Like the Aquamax pellets, Miniflake is much more absorbent than standard wood shavings, and is very easy to muck out with minimal waste because clean bedding easily falls through the tines of the fork. I find it less dusty than the pellets which do break down in time. However the bags are bulkier, which could be a disadvantage if storage space is limited.
Susan R.
Shopping Satisfaction
A lovely bedding which drains really well, a boon as I have a messy horse on box rest. I spread this over the Aquamax crumble which soaks up the wet like no other product. It is quick and easy to much out and creates very little waste. A clean bed, clean horse and happy owner.
Jayne J.