Meet our Customers... 

Aquamax has been trading for over 20 years and we have many long standing and new customers, here are just a few stories...

Nicola Pimbblett

Nicola is an International Carriage Driver, competing a pair of horses.  
Carriage driving is a 3 phase event taken from 3 day eventing.
This year she has just competed for Great Britain at the recent world championships in Kronenberg.  
All Nicola's horses are bedded on Aquamax and Nicola says  'I personally have used it for 20 years, it’s so easy to use, keeps the beds smelling fresh and keeps the midden low,  it is by far the best pellet bedding out there we also use Aquamax in our lorry for travelling as it’s so absorbent it keeps the lorry dry'
You can find out more about Nicola and her achievements by following her 
@nicpimbblet on Instagram 
@rhenabequestrian on Facebook 

Kettlethorpe Sport Horse

Kettlethorpe Sport Horses specialise in producing and selling young event horses. Competed by Emily Walker who has ridden up to 5* level. 
At Kettlethorpe, they offer rehabilitation, with their cold water hydrotherapy spa therapy - perfect for rehabilitation or as a preventative treatment. 
All Kettlethorpes horses are bedded on Aquamax and they say 'for us we find it so easy to muck out and Aquamax provides a dust free, hygienic environment for both our own horses and our liveries'
You can find out more about Kettlethorpes horses and facilities 

Watershed RDA 

Watershed RDA provides fun, enjoyment and therapy through horse riding.
Their activities are specifically designed for children and adults with physical and learning difficulties to enable them to receive physical and social therapy, enjoyment and a chance to achieve.
The riders’ confidence is boosted and their relationship building skills improved by the social interaction.
RDA Watershed is based in Coates just outside Cirencester and currently have 5 ponies, approximately 45 riders and 70 volunteers.
The Watershed Group is a registered charity and all of our running costs must be met from the money that they raise themselves. 
They say 'With this in mind we made the decision recently to move onto using Aquamax bedding. This has proved to be very successful once all of us learnt to use it correctly. The stables are so much cleaner and the ponies have much more comfortable beds on which to rest. There is also much less bedding to dispose of reducing volunteer time'
You can find out more about the wonderful work at RDA Watershed on their website
@rdawatershed on Instagram
@watershedrda1 on Facebook
@watershedrda1 on Twitter