We began manufacturing Aquamax towards the end of 1999.

Aquamax Bedding is a highly absorbent wood crumble made solely from Canadian Pine whitewood fibre sourced from sustainable forests. Unlike other woods, Canadian Pine contains natural agents, which remove the smell of ammonia from urine; works as a natural antiseptic; and produces a light, fluffy bed.

A Better way to keep your Horses and Animals cleaner, drier and safer.

There are many other reasons why our Aquamax makes for such a good bedding and receives so many great reviews:

  • 9 x more Absorbent than Shavings
  • Less than 4% Moisture Content
  • Sourced from Sustainable Forests
  • No Additives
  • Natural Lining in the wood acts as a binding agent
  • Totally Biodegradable

  • Minimal Storage Space required
  • Total Odour Control – Aquamax eliminates Ammonia
  • ‘Crumble’ has increased surface area to wood pellets
  • Virtually Dust Free
  • No Damage to the Environment
  • Carbon Neutral