Fine Tine Fork

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Fine Tine Fork

Our FINE TINE FORK is the only stable fork designed specifically for use with Aquamax bedding.

The tines are closely arranged to collect even the smallest pieces of manure and hay. It has an angled basket which acts like a sieve.

This practical tool will help you save time mucking out and reduce the quantity of clean bedding that makes it onto the muck heap so making your Aquamax last even longer.

"This fork is so much better suited to this bedding rather than any other 'shavings' fork that I have used before.
The bedding passes through easily when shaking, whilst leaving the muck in the deep sided fork, including some of
the smaller pieces of muck that would normally escape back through.
So it has actually made cleaning out the stables quicker as well as neater."

Farm 'n' Equine Magazine

Customer reviews
Not used yet but like the look of it.
Sally R.
One was delivered okay the other one was broken. Have found last couple I have bought have not lasted as well as the one's I bought previously..possible problem with quality of plastic welds.
Christine H.
Fantastic for use with sawdust.
Products as expected.
Frances L.
Hasn't realised the cage is made of plastic and wonder is it'll be strong enough to firstly pick up squashed monster droppings and secondly to stand the test of time. Only use will tell and it will get it's first outing this morning!
Kirstie M.
Excellent product, perfect for the job required.
Lisa P.
Feels cheap and doesn't really do anything different a normal fork does !
Phillipa W.