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Aquamax - 15.91kgAquamax Bedding is a highly absorbent wood crumble manufactured solely from pine white wood fibre sourced from sustainable forests. Unlike other woods, Canadian pine contains natural agents which remove the smell of ammonia from urine; works as a natural antiseptic; and produces a light, fluffy bed.

Superior Absorbency
Total Odour Control
Virtually Dust Free

...and lasts at least 50% longer than wood pellets 

All prices include delivery and Vat. 

Wood PelletsWe also supply Canadian Pine wood pellets from renewable sustainable sources. They are good for your home and good for the environment. 
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Customer reviews
Quantity : Quarter Pallet
Fantastic product - easy to use, absorbent, only the smallest bit goes onto the muck heap.
Kirstie M.
Quantity : Full Pallet
Fantastic bedding used for the last 12 months, have previously had delivery problems, but not anymore. After my last complaint sorted!
Victoria H.
Quantity : Quarter Pallet
When our riding school switched their horses and ponies onto Aquamax I thought mad 'cat litter' but I was so very wrong. I am a convert as is our TB, and the cat. It is so quick to soak up urine and dries out sloppier poops. Mucking out is now a quick task, not a chore. The pellets are pea sized; open to absorb moisture; and become sawdust, when fully soaked it clumps and can be easily picked. no scratchy sharp bits and no smell pine or otherwise.
Nanci d.
Quantity : Half Pallet
Best bedding.
Marion K.
Quantity : Half Pallet
Excellent product better than other wood pellet bedding! By far!
Rebecca S.
Quantity : 60 Bags - Full Pallet
Best absorption of most of the wood pellets on the market and therefore value for money.
Karen M.
Quantity : 60 Bags - Full Pallet
This was a repeat order, we have been using the bedding for over 4 years now and we all love it (including pony when we do the top up) so easy to muck out and no nasty rug smells.
Jayne C.
Quantity : 30 Bags - Half Pallet
Kat J.
Quantity : 60 Bags - Full Pallet
Product itself ok.
Quantity : 45 Bags - Three Quarter Pallet
I love using Aquamax. I've previously used straw as bedding, but my horse was eating the bedding and consequently developing a persistent cough. I changed to Aquamax which I find really easy to use and dust-free. Mucking out takes a matter of minutes, removing the poos and mixing the wet with dry, and completely removing the wet once a week. I've tried other wood chip bedding to compare, but I've not found any product which is as absorbent and user-friendly.
Nicola P.